WEAR SAFE ® system

Technical equipment being deployed in tough conditions is invariably exposed to varying degrees of wear and tear. That is perfectly normal and applies likewise to cranes, offshore and lifting appliances and their components. Although such installations have to be inspected regularly by experts, classification societies or other institutions, it has been extremely difficult, even impossible, in the past to evaluate reliably the extent of groove wear on a rope sheave and to assess if it is still safe to continue using the sheave in the crane or not.

Until now: the patented WEAR SAFE® system, available on request, enables our customers to close this critical gap in lifting appliance monitoring. Now, it is possible even for untrained staff to easily identify critical groove wear by a simple visual check without the need for laborious measurements. Consequently, there is now no need to interpret the results measured or assess oneself if it is safe to use the sheave or not. The only issue that must be ruled out is whether the rope fleet angle is so great that the rope sheave rim is worn only or predominantly on the flanks rather than in the groove base. It is imperative that this is ruled out as this could damage the structure of the sheave body or cause very rapid material fatigue.

The WEAR SAFE® system consists of a wear body in a clearly different colour to that of the groove. The wear resistance of the wear body is lower than that of the surrounding groove material.

The depth at which the wear body is inserted corresponds to the permitted wear depth of the rope sheave rim. A clear, visible mark on the outer side of the rope sheave rim indicates the location of the wear body, making a visual inspection of the entire rope sheave rim superfluous. Simply clean the respective point on the groove: if the wear body is still visible, the rope sheave can continue to be used. If, however, the wear body can no longer be seen, the groove is badly worn and the rope sheave should be replaced as soon as possible. The frequency of these inspections does of course depend on the respective application and intensity of use. If necessary, we can offer individual solutions.

Use the WEAR SAFE® system to ensure your lifting appliance is safe when in operation. Do not accept less!
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