Welded Rope Sheaves

Welded CAH Rope Sheaves: More than 45 years of production experience stand for themselves!

The CAH steel rope sheaves in a welded design are exclusively manufactured in our Ennepetal plant. The diameter range starts at approximately 160 mm and extends to over 2000 mm. They are light, durable as well as robust and they can be adjusted exactly to the respective requirements. The rope grooves are cold-formed from angular steel or, as with smaller sheaves, from a steel plate which achieves a significantly increased hardness in the area of the rope support.

Using the latest design, production and welding procedures we are in the position to quickly, flexibly and inexpensively respond to customer requests, whereby the quality and safety of the products are always paramount and of the highest priority. Furthermore, we have closed a critical gap in the monitoring of lifting appliances in long-term use with the patented WEAR SAFE ® system which enables everyone to identify critical groove wear by a simple visual check.

The importance that we attach to the quality and safety of our rope sheaves is demonstrated by the extensive material inspections and tests that are performed prior to as well as during production and which go far beyond the level demanded by international standards. For instance, destructive tests are carried out on all angular steel batches that are used for the production of rope grooves prior to production as well as on finished rope sheaves. By doing this we verify that the cold formed and welded rope sheave rims fully comply with all of the requirements stipulated by our customers, international standards as well as the special demands as laid out by the diverse classification societies.

Which information do we require in order to be able to provide you with rope sheaves exactly tailored to your needs?

We produce the most diverse versions of the CAH steel rope sheaves in a welded design. The diameter range starts at approximately 160 mm and extends to over 2000 mm.

The following sketches show various rope sheave designs as examples. However, they do not constitute an exhaustive list of available versions; further design versions, bearings, seals, etc. can also be delivered.

The lower part of the sketches illustrates the single web design primarily used for smaller rope sheaves with a groove base diameter (d2) up to approximately 630 mm and the upper part illustrates the double web design primarily used for larger rope sheaves. However, larger single web sheaves as well as smaller double web sheaves can also be implemented depending upon the requirement profile.

To be able to provide you with a meaningful and detailed quotation we ask you to give us the following information:

  • Rope diameter d1 or Groove radius R:
  • Groove base diameter d2:
  • Axle/Bolt diameter d5:
  • Required rope sheave design:
  • Bearing type:

In terms of the design of the rope sheave, it is extremely important to know whether they are primarily stressed by a mainly static load or in a highly dynamic manner. For this purpose, please inform us of the desired stress group according to DIN 15018, the component group according to F.E.M. 1.001 or similar classification. If you are unable to provide individual details or in case of doubt, please contact us with regard to the application and we will then be able to provide you with a tailor-made quotation.